Hiring a Roofer – Questions to Ask a Roofer Before Signing a Contract

The best thing to do when hiring roofing dublin is to conduct an interview. In this way, you will be able to get all the valuable information you need first hand and make an objective assessment of the provider, their services and the cost of their services. Ask a set of questions to ensure that you will get the best service at the most affordable price.

When can you come to inspect the roof? Does inspection cost anything?

The reality is that no matter how good a roofer is, you will not be able to get an accurate estimate of the work that has to be done and of the cost, unless you have the professional inspect the damage or area that needs improvement. Ask for inspection and have it arranged. In general, it should cost you nothing or a very small sum.

Do I need to purchase any materials? How many and how much of each do I need? Can you help me get a discount?

After the inspection, the roofer will be able to tell you what materials you need and the amounts you need. In general, you will have to purchase them by yourself under the instruction of the service provider. If they offer to supply materials, you should definitely check whether this is the cheapest option. In general, asking for a discount is essential since roofers often work directly with material suppliers and can help you get a more affordable deal.

How much will the service cost me? Is your rate fixed? Is there prepayment?

This is perhaps the most important set of questions for homeowners. The aim here is to get a precise estimate of the cost. It is important for you to sign a contract with a fixed rate and not with an adjustable one. Otherwise, you risk paying much more than you have expected. Usually, you can expect to pay a chunk of the cost in advance. The sum is either 10% of the entire cost or $1,000, depending on which number is greater.

What kind of warranty do you provide?

No matter how experienced and skilled a roofer is, their work has to come with a warranty. It should be for a period between 6 and 12 months at least. The document should state clearly all the cases in which the warranty is breached. This is essential since you would not want to get your request for repairs rejected just because it has been raining, for instance.

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